Re: Why are Princeton files called Princeton files? Hartley, Melissa 05 Dec 2002 18:28 UTC

I was talking on the telephone to a retired cataloging librarian while I
was browsing through my email and saw this.  By Princetons, you mean
"magazine holders" for unbound issues, right?  According to my friend, who
retired in 1986 after a long career, Princeton is a company name for the
source of the Princetons.  She did not think that other libraries call
them that, but our library called them that because we had to call them

My friend got this information many years ago from a library manager at
Oregon State University, Molly Goheen, who passed away this week at the
age of 88.

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We have been asked why Princeton files are called Princeton files. My quick
guess is that either Princeton University was the first user/inventor or an
early large user, but I really don't know. I checked the Serialst archives
but everything there was about using them (or asking about alternatives for
them). Can anyone help?


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