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Re: Using JSTOR vs. keeping print Lauren Corbett 05 Dec 2002 22:57 UTC

I would like to see reponses on the list please!

As a tangentially related question, I'm interested in knowing how many
libraries, particularly large academic libraries, are still subscribing
to print when they have Project Muse, Wiley Interscience, or Science
Direct, etc.

I know some smaller libraries that dropped print several years ago were
relying on the larger libraries at least continuing the print archive;
I'm wondering now if the larger libraries are dropping print too and the
need for an archiving solution is growing in importance.

Lauren Corbett
Acquisitions Team Leader &
Interim Division Leader for Information Resources
Emory University -- Woodruff Library
ph: 404 712 1818
fax: 404 727 0408

Janice Ouellette wrote:

>Hello all,
>I'm new to this list and I apologize if this issue has been talked into
>the ground already.
>For those Libraries which hold subscriptions  to JSTOR (or Project MUSE)
>- has the decision been made to remove print volumes and rely on this
>electronic archive? If yes, can you share the rationale, and if no,
>please share reasons also.
>Could you respond to me offlist?
>Jan Ouellette