Re: Faxon/RoweCom/divine Dan Lester 20 Dec 2002 18:16 UTC

Some might say that the scariest part is that the and websites are still up and running and appearing as they
always have.  They're inviting business and give no indication that
there are any problems at all.  Some might consider this to be fraud
and deception.

On the other hand, the normal websites could be considered to be an
indication that they'll dig out of this hole and be back to normal
before long.  The problem with that analysis, at least to me, is that
the lack of communication hurts them badly and many who might be
willing to wait for them to sort it out will go ahead and bail on
them, thus ensuring their demise.

Of course if the company is quickly sold to Ebsco or whoever, then
things just might resolve quickly.  Of course I'm not holding my
breath on any of this.


Friday, December 20, 2002, 7:11:14 AM, you wrote:

PP> The most scary part of this situation (aside from the fact that Faxon hasn't
PP> responded in any official way thus leading one to believe that the very
PP> worst of all worst-case scenarios has happened) is that this significantly
PP> narrows libraries' choices as to subscription agents ... maybe it's time for
PP> some enterprising folks to consider providing other alternatives (i.e.,
PP> another serials jobber!) simply in order to maintain a healthy climate of
PP> choice and competition.

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