Re: Reliability of Faxon reports? Alexis Tibor 03 Jan 2003 19:29 UTC

We are still looking at the report we got.  For the moment we are checking items that say they were issued a check AND it was cashed.  So far I've called 6 publishers and 5 of them were okay.  I am not sure why the one publisher didn't gel and will probably call them back to look into it
further because we have four titles through that publisher 3 paid, 1 not (according to faxon) and of the 3 paid only 2 reported to be by the publisher. sigh.

Anything that has a December pay or order date we were told  (by Faxon) that it has NOT been paid.  We requested a list by publisher of our subscriptions.  That way we can cover several titles with one call.  We have already received two invoices from publishers that had all the items listed
that we get through them (neither has been paid).  Unfortunately, I think that in the end we will have to make sure we check all of them.

-Alexis Tibor

"Skwor, Jeanette" wrote:

> Someone said awhile back that info on Klibrary on renewals was not correct.  My vendor rep said that just applied to certain dates and certain publishers, and she sent me a report listing our subscriptions that have/have not been paid.  Now I've been told locally not to trust the report.
> Any experiences someone can share?  Contacting publishers is getting me snowed in . . .
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