An Introduction to Open Access for Librarians / Peter Suber Gerry Mckiernan 23 Jan 2003 17:17 UTC

                      " Removing the Barriers to Research:
             An Introduction to Open Access for Librarians"
       Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College

    For those unfamiliar with the Free Online Scholarship / Open Access
movements, Peter Suber, one of the most active members of The Cause,
has prepared an excellent, succinct review and Introduction to Open Access for Librarians

_College & Research Libraries News_ 64 (February 2003) pp. 92-94, 113.

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"The benefit of open access to libraries is solving the pricing and permission crises. The benefit to scholars, beyond the benefit to libraries, is giving readers barrier-free access to the literature they need, and giving authors larger audiences and greater impact. Because the benefits on both sides are immense, librarians and scholars should work together to bring open access, step by step, to every institution and discipline."

BTW: This May be the Most Important Article You Read This Year [Seriously]

   I can not resist the opportunity to promote a three-part series I am currently preparing for _Library Hi Tech News_
  [ ] on "Scholar-based Innovations in  Publishing". The first part in the series is devoted to Individual and Institutional initiatives, the second profiles Library and Professional efforts, while the third will describe Organizational and National efforts. I expect the first part of the series to be published in a LHTN Spring issue.



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