Journal Website Mark Ferguson 27 Jan 2003 15:46 UTC

Dear listservers:

Does anyone have any information on the status of Journal Website.  We were
interested in using them for our ejournal management service but I have not
received any responces from recent calls and emails I have sent them.  Their
toll free tech support number has been disconnected, though there now is a
message on their sales number.   Additionally, I went down to the ALA
conference in Philadelphia assuming they would have a booth in the
exhibitions room, and indeed they were listed.  But when I went to the
location where they were supposed to be there was just a blank space.
If there are any serials librarians out there using their services are they
still functioning as normal?  If anyone else has any additional information
on them I would certainly be interested.

Mark Ferguson
Serials librarian, Mahoney Library, College of Saint Elizabeth