Re: Help with an ISSN Bolton, Karen 27 Jan 2003 21:39 UTC

Hi Diane,
I just checked Ulrich's and there is no ISSN listed for Your Stepfamily.  My
guess is the publisher did not obtain one yet.

Karen Bolton
Serials Librarian

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I've just received my first issue of Your Stepfamily from the Stepfamily
Association of America. The journal does not have the typical paragraph in
fine print with the ISSN and publication pattern. The pattern I can deal
with later, but I really need the ISSN for the bibliographic record. (The
OCLC record does not contain an 022 field.)

It is my understanding that Your Stepfamily continues SAA Families, which
stopped coming last spring. (I think we were supposed to get our first Your
Stepfamily last Aug, but that's a separate issue.)

The Stepfamily Association of America has not returned my phone call or
e-mail, so I'm hoping that someone out there *did* get the Aug issue and
already knows this infomation. I'd appreciate any enlightenment.


Diane Arnold
Logue Library, Chestnut Hill College
Philadelphia, PA 19118