Helping Faxon Friends Marilyn Geller 27 Jan 2003 22:17 UTC

To the members of the serials community,

The events that have come to light in the past months concerning
divine/Faxon Library Services' ability to continue to meet its business
obligations leave many of us facing difficult practical and
philosophical questions.  Organizations affected include both libraries
and publishing concerns, and the ripple effects will be felt in many
other areas of the industry as well.   It is important to remember that
organizations are made up of people, and that when an organization is
affected, we really mean to say also that there is an impact on the
people in that organization.

Many people reading this note have had warm and successful business and
professional dealings with the people who have made up the Faxon
Company.  We would like you to take a moment to remember those people
who made your Faxon experience pleasant and successful and now find
their personal futures uncertain.  These people need your help now.  We
are asking former Faxon clients and partners, both in libraries and in
publishing organizations, to help by writing general letters of
recommendation for people looking for new jobs.  If you feel you can
help, please write a general reference letter explaining your
relationship with the person you've named and the circumstances.  These
letters can be sent to the person for whom you are providing a reference
with a short explanatory note.  Mail them to Faxon/divine Library
Services, 5 Southwest Park, Westwood, MA 02090-1585.  Or check with the
person first to see what address they would prefer and/or to offer
job-specific references at a later date.

For those of you in eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island who know of
jobs opportunities in libraries, publishing and customer services
industries, please contact your friends at Faxon who will be able
employees in a new environment.

The people who gave you good service should not be the ones who now bear
the burden of circumstances beyond their control.

Thank you!
Marilyn Geller and Amira Aaron