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Subject: TDR
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 11:04:12 -0600
From: "Bothmann, Robert L" <>

Thanks to all who responded to my question about TDR: The Drama Review.

In looking at the records and the journals issues themselves, I do not
believe there was ever a title change, just a change of the title as it
was presented on the cover. In fact the only changes I can see to the
journal were very cosmetic (dropping a phrase from the cover and adding
a phrase to the title page-neither of which change the title on the
title page) and a new ISSN for no apparent reason much later in time.

The OCLC record #50670623, which says that the title changed with
v.32:no.1 (1988) has a 245 00 TDR : $b Drama review. 500   Title from

The cover says TDR. The words "Drama review" do not occur on the cover
of that issue, or any issue for v.32 to the present. So right there I
question this catalog record. Why a cover would be used rather than a
perfectly good title page for the chief source of information is odd,
and the 245 not even matching the cover.

I cannot find any change in the title page of this particular journal in
any vol. or issue, except that with v.32 through the present they have
added the phrase "the journal of performance studies".

The title page from v.31 to the present day clearly says: TDR The Drama

Also, the ISSN remains 0012-5962 in all the paper issues until v.38:no.4
(1994) when it changes to 1054-2043. (Why they got a new ISSN is not
clear to me.)

So, I can't find any cause for a new record. In my opinion, OCLC record
#50670623 should be deleted, and record #2268763 should be reopened.
Plus with all the other various records for this title in OCLC, it would
be nice if someone could clean that up.

If I'm really missing something here, please let me know.


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