Re: TDR (Robert Bothmann) Nancy Burns 28 Jan 2003 18:55 UTC

> Why a cover would be used rather than a perfectly good title page for
> the chief source of information is odd, and the 245 not even matching
> the cover.

        The reason you aren't seeing a title change is because you ARE
seeing a "perfectly good title page".  Often, and I think in this case, it
is hard to say whether a page is a true title page.  CONSER says: "Some
pages obviously are title pages, others obviously are not title pages, and
in between there is a wide range of possibilities that keep catalogers
        If, as on the records you cite, the cover is selected as chief
source, then there certainly was a title change between v. 31 and 32,
because "Drama review", which had formerly been the title proper,
disappeared completely from the cover/chief source at that point.  I agree
that the later record is incorrect insofar as the 245 subfield b; I think
"Drama review" should instead be coded as 246 13, as an "Other Title", as
it doesn't appear on the cover/chief source.
        I'm not yet familiar enough with the new title change rules to
know if they make a difference to the handling of this sort of situation;
would be interested to hear if so.  Certainly it's the sort of change that
always makes catalogers groan.

                                Nancy Burns
                                Cataloging Unit IV (Serials)
                                Princeton University Library