Cataloging Question Cheryl Riley 30 Jan 2003 15:04 UTC

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone on this list can help me with what I believe to be a
series of title changes.  The publication in question is a newsletter
published by the Missouri Academy of Science.  OCLC has three records
for this title:  #12122948; #15344912; and #30541341.  OCLC shows all of
these titles are current.  I don't believe this is the case.  When I
check the Missouri statewide catalog  ( I find these
same three records, but they are all linked and only the #30541341 shows
as current.  According to the Mobius catalog OCLC #122122948 changed
title to M.A.S. bulletin #15344912 ; the last issue published was v.6,
no. 4 (April 1978).  Then M.A.S. bulletin #15344912 was published from
v.6, no. 5 June 1978 to v.18, no.4 (Apr. 1990) at which time the title
change to Missouri Academy of Science bulletin #30541341.  The only item
with Conser authentication is the first item #12122948.  My guess is
that the records in the Missouri catalog are correct and that the OCLC
records need closed out and updated; however, my information is just an
educated supposition because I do not have the actual items in hand
since this is not something we permanently retain in our library.  I'm
hoping someone will volunteer to update these records.

All comments/help appreciated,


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