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Though I am really reticent to add to a possible rumor mill, I heard similar
ruminations that indicated one of the two original founders had left the
company.  Since nobody seems to be taking calls or returning messages left,
I emailed the possible remaining founder that it might be a good idea if he
broke the silence with some kind of announcement on the list that would
clarify the situation or at least help allay fears customers are having. As
of yet, I have received no response. Their product is still functioning
normally at our institution.  I was even able to get usage statistics for
the month of January.  However, I can only assume that updates are being
maintained.  The company also has a toll free number: 1-866-382-5006. If I
hear anything more, I will certainly post to the list.  I hope others will
do the same.

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I have heard through the grapevine that JournalWebCite has gone out of
business. There is nothing on their web site to indicate this so it could
just be rumors.

You may try contacting them directly at: (215) 382-5006 or at:


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