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Subject: Subscription procurement practices

Please excuse cross-posting.

McGoogan Library of Medicine is one of five university libraries at the
various University of Nebraska campuses.  As a group, we are being asked if
the current practice of each library operating a separate acquisition
department and negotiating individually with its vendors is cost effective
or whether other purchasing practices would produce greater savings and

I need your input for a response to this issue.  Do you do "system
purchasing;" that is, do you consolidate orders for multiple campuses?
(Please note: this inquiry is directed not to branch libraries, but rather
to separately-operating libraries.)  Has this process worked for you?  What
are the pros and cons?  How has this been different from your previous
process?  What models are there for purchasing?  Is there a "best" model?

And always an interesting question:  Have you, as a group, had to go out
for bid for journal subscriptions?  Are there horror stories that have
resulted from choosing the lowest bidder?  Or has it worked?

What effects have this had on your users?

Your prompt responses are appreciated.  I will be glad to summarize for the

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