ACQflash ALCTS Discussion Group Meeting Announcement Gammon,Julia A 06 Jan 2003 19:51 UTC

ALCTS Acquisitions Administrators' Discussion Group

Topic:       Ordering Electronic Products from Non-Traditional Vendors
Date:         Saturday, January 25, 2003
Time:        10:30am-12:30pm
Location:  PCC 201B

Did you recently try to purchase an electronic product for your library and the vendor didn't know what do do with a library order?  "You have how many users?"  "You want to link it to how many sites?"   "You have to have a license?" Or does the electronic products distributor seem oblivious to your print subscription?  "You have to subscribe to the print first."   "You haven't renewed yet."   "We don't have record of your payment."   Or do they simply not understand library processes?   "No, we don't invoice."   "You have to re-subscribe every year."

Relax!  Join the ALCTS Acquisitions Administrators' Discussion Group and brainstorm on key issues with other acquisitions and collection management librarians who may have had similar experiences. (Vendors welcome too.)  Let's try to change the system.  Issues raised at this Midwinter meeting will be compiled, and vendors will be invited to respond to them at the ALA Annual Meeting in Toronto.

Julia Gammon (University of Akron)  and Trisha Davis (Ohio State University)
Co-Chairs ALCTS Administrators' Discussion Group

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