Re: Accreditation question Steve Black 06 Jan 2003 21:25 UTC

Peter Washkevich asked:

>Can anyone enlighten me about how accreditation teams
view document delivery instead of print subscriptions?

  My experience is that answering that is like answering "How big is a dog?"
It all depends on the agency, and they're all over the map, from picky about
particular titles to not seeming to care at all.  You'd have to look into
the expectations of each agency.

  For college-wide accreditation, with the move toward looking at student
learning outcomes, little mention is made in current guidelines about
library resources.  I'd suggest documenting the reasoning why doc del is an
adequate substitute, to include in any report to accreditors.  My
understanding is that as long as you purposefully do your best to achieve
your institution's goals, and document your effort, you should be in good
shape with the accreditation team.  But my experience is with Middle
States--others may have a different perspective.

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