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I think it all depends on the team members.  Our experience last year was that during meetings we were told that electronic resources "counted" as much as paper and then when the report came out the one criticism about serials was that we didn't have enough paper.  From what I can see there are no hard and fast guidelines.  Maybe serials librarians need get involved and help develop some criteria for this.  In terms of access we have much more available in full text online than we could ever provide in print, but it didn't seem to matter.  Patrons are also able to access much of the online information from home, which certainly provides better service to them than in the past and I think this should mean something, but it didn't.

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        Can ayone enlighten me about how accreditation teams
        view document delivery instead of print subscriptions?
        In other words, if we cancel a bunch of journals but
        make document delivery available is that accepted more
        these days in accreditation?


        Peter Washkevich