What are your claiming methods? voglerl 16 Jan 2003 02:17 UTC


In my frustration in dealing with journal issues that have ceased coming
without my knowledge (how can this possibly happen?), I am turning to the list
for advice.

In the 10 years that I have been managing our serials collection, I am
constantly frustrated by late issues that fall through the cracks.  I check in
issues using a DRA system.  It has claiming capabilities but I have never been
pleased with the reports I get.  It often doesn't pick up issues that need to
be claimed (due to a deviation factor that is set up in the system that lets
you know when you should expect the next issue.)  It also sticks a bunch of
issues on the report that don't need to be claimed (see deviation note,
previous sentence!)

I am curious as to the methods other schools use to track late or never
received issues?  Does your system have reporting capabilities and do you run
these reports every week or month?  Do you have some manual way of keeping
track?  Any and all input, advice, etc. would be welcome.

With the divine fiasco that is going on (we had 95% of our subscriptions with
them - over 750 titles), this claiming issue is becoming even more of a


Laura Vogler
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