Re: 2003 Publisher Thingies David Goodman 16 Jan 2003 21:39 UTC

We have solved this problem by getting all of
 these titles online only, so we don't have to bind them at all.
As for people finding their articles, there are the links in PubMed, and sfx.
Incidentally, we've done exactly the same with all the multisection biomedical
titles from Elsevier and APS etc--online only.
Still problems, but one set of problems, not two.

Dr. David Goodman
Princeton University Library
Palmer School of Library & Information Science, Long Island University

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From: John Lucas <jlucas@ROWLAND.UMSMED.EDU>
Date: Thursday, January 16, 2003 1:27 pm
Subject: 2003 Publisher Thingies

> To ALL:
> Someone earlier posted about Wiley and the American Journal of
> Medical Genetics, changing the way they are numbering their
> sections (Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Seminars in Medical
> Genetics)  For 2003, the sections are NOT separate volume
> numbering at the end of the main section but now merge into the
> current volume of the main part with screwy citations. (well at
> least we won't have to worry about citations)
> By now, others have recognized  that Wiley has done the same thing
> to other titles.
> Journal of Experimental Biology
> Journal of Biomedial Materials Research
> Anatomical Record
> One they HAVE NOT Changed is their journal Biopolymers.  Although
> they have merged the Nucleic Acid Sequence section back into the
> main volume,   Biospectroscopy is Volume 72 and Peptide Science
> will be Volume 73.  Both sections should have 6 issues.
> QUERRY:  (Please post your response for all to see.  I am curious
> to see.)  Will you be binding Parts B and C of American journal of
> medical genetics with the corresponding volume number of Part A?
> Or will you hold and bind separately?  And with the other titles??
> THEN there are the previous Aspen Titles now under the Lippincott
> WW umbrella.  LWW is changing many of those titles to A New volume
> with the start of the Calendar year.  Thus, some volumes will have
> a second volume for 2002 consisting of 1 or 2 issues.  (a minor
> migrane for me)
> AND THEN there is the BMJ Publishing Group which apparently has
> stopped publishing Print indexes to its journals.  About half of
> them have Electronic Author and Subject Indexes but it appears
> that you cannot download them unless you have paid for the online
> access.  (will stand corrected on that one)
> We were able to download 2 of about 13 titles that we own that had
> the E-pages.
> Anyone know of any more that we can collectively groan at ??
> AGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (ah, that feels better)
> Respectfully,
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