TDR: The Drama Review, cataloging question (Bobby Bothmann) ERCELAA@CTRVAX.VANDERBILT.EDU 21 Jan 2003 21:35 UTC

Subject: TDR: The Drama Review, cataloging question
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 13:50:12 -0600
From: "Bothmann, Robert Louis" <>
To: <>

I need some help with the title TDR: The Drama Review, ISSN 0012-5962

If you look at OCLC #2268763, you will see that the title is
closed/ceased in 1987 with v.31.

There is also no succeeding entry and no OCLC record for the print title
supposedly beginning in 1988.

There is a successive entry for the title v.32 (1988)- but only for
microform OCLC #42314283, #18713245 for the fiche, #34617219, #19638792
for the film.

I have v.31 & v.32 on my desk.

For v.31

Cover says: TDR The Drama Review.

Title page says: TDR The Drama Review

Masthead: "The Drama Review is published quarterly..."

For v.32

Cover says: TDR

Title page says: TDR The Drama Review: A journal of performance studies

Masthead: "The Drama Review (ISSN 0012 5962) is published quarterly..."

This does not look like a title change to me. We either need to open the
original record (#2268763) so that it is current, or create a new record
for v.32 (1988)- for the paper.

The record with a cease of 1987 also has a few URLs for full text, but
full text starts much later than the cease year on the record.

So, if this record should not be ceased, could someone with the ability
to lock and replace the record make the changes. Or if there should be a
new record, let me know, and I'll create it since I have the "first"
issue on my desk now.

Or tell me what I'm missing!

Bobby Bothmann


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