publisher folly Blackwell, Lisa 22 Jan 2003 18:59 UTC

Dear fellow Serials activists,
Today I received in the mail what must be the most outrageous message I have
ever seen from a publisher. The January issue of the journal "Experimental
Biology and Medicine" came with the following notice:

"Previously you should have received your copy of Experimental Biology and
Medicine Volume 228, Number 1, January 2003. Unfortunately, there was a
problem during the printing process which caused the color on the front and
rear covers to be printed incorrectly. Please replace your original copy of
this issue with this reprinted, corrected version."

The new copy was an approximately 1/1000th lighter shade of mauve than the
first copy. My question to Sheridan Press is this - was it really necessary
to kill another forest simply because you weren't happy with the cover color
of your journal?

Question to serials librarians: Is it any wonder that our journal prices
continue to escalate?

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