Newcomer question Valerie A. Lang 22 Jan 2003 20:59 UTC


I am a relatively new periodicals librarian at Hudson Valley Community
College.  I would like to group our periodicals according to subject matter,
provide this list in hardcopy format (in a binder), and also via a link off
of our Library web page.

We have a very large, outdated binder titled "Periodicals:  Alphabetical by
Academic Division."  This will not work at this point; it is too outdated.
Our journals are physically arranged in the Library in alphabetical order,
so we really cannot base this prospective subject list of periodicals on the
arrangement of our collection.

Does anyone have experience with creating such a list - and any advice on
pitfalls to avoid, things that worked, etc.  Otherwise, I'll just start


Valerie A. Lang
Periodicals Librarian
Troy, NY 12180