Re: Ulrich's online, be aware of browse function - Update from Bowker Yvette Diven 05 Feb 2003 02:16 UTC

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003 09:45:53 -0600, Elizabeth Lorbeer
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>If you acquire the web version of Ulrich's, be aware about the "browse"
>function.  We noticed that one can not browse the online directory of
>Ulrich's.  You can only see the first 500 hits, which limited us from
>browsing all the titles in a subject area.  I spoke to the technical staff
>and they claim that if Bowker allowed us to browse all the titles in a
>subject area, it would crash their system.  To remedy this problem, we had
>to re-subscribe to the print source.
>I am not sure if Ulrich's plans to correct this problem.
>Elizabeth Lorbeer, EdM, MLS
>Collection Development Manager
>Library of Rush University


I wanted to let everyone know that Bowker is currently testing higher
thresholds for the Results Screen. The initial limit of 250
records was implemented when was launched. At that time, the
connection speeds most subscribers were using didn't allow for large lists
of bibliographic records to be loaded and scrolled through. To accommodate
them, we intentionally kept the Results Screen browse-through limit low.
Times have changed, we're glad to say. As part of moving to
a new platform and enhancing the patron interface, we have been testing
higher Results Screen limits across connection types and speeds.  We hope
to be able to raise the limit significantly this Spring in the patron interface. Bowker's new Ulrich's Serials Analysis
System, which is designed for the library professional, has no browse-
through limits for title lists by subject area.

If anyone has additional questions about or the Ulrich's
Serials Analysis System, please feel free to contact me.


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