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Introduction to Cataloging Electronic Integrating Resources:
An Online Training Presentation

The Cataloging Policy Committee of the Online Audiovisual Catalogers,
Inc. (OLAC), is pleased to announce the availability of an online
training presentation on cataloging updating Web sites and updating
online databases according to the new rules for integrating resources
that were published in the 2002 Revision of the Anglo-American
Cataloguing Rules.

The presentation is a PowerPoint slide show consisting of a little over
100 slides.  The presentation is available on the OLAC CAPC Web page at: or directly at: This online training presentation is
meant to serve as an introductory overview to orient catalogers to the
new AACR2 rules and MARC codes for integrating resources (IRs); it is
not a detailed training tutorial.  Keeping with the mission and scope of
OLAC, the focus is on electronic IRs, with an addendum on what is
distinctive for print IRs (loose-leafs).

The presentation includes the following:
       Definitions of new terms
       Brief cataloging highlights
       Overview of AACR2 2002 for electronic integrating resources (by
area of description)
       MARC Leader and 006/008 codes for integrating resources
       Addendum on updating loose-leafs
       Concluding review

The presentation was developed by a Task Force of the Cataloging Policy
Committee (CAPC).  Its members include Steven Miller (chair), Kay
Johnson, and David Reynolds.  The group wishes to
acknowledge that the content of this presentation was developed from a
training presentation originally prepared for the Program for
Cooperative Cataloging and that it reflects input from the directors and
several members of the BIBCO and CONSER Programs.  The group also wishes
to thank the members of CAPC for their additional review and comments.

Technical note: the training presentation was created using PowerPoint.
Your Web browser must have the appropriate plug-in to view the
presentation. If using Netscape, click on the link and "Save File...".
Use PowerPoint to view the presentation.

For further information or comments, please contact Iris Wolley, Chair,
OLAC Cataloging Policy Committee: or Steve Miller,
Chair, Integrating Resources Task Force: Steve Miller
Chair, CAPC Integrating Resources Task Force

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