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The article on RoweCom/divine/EBSCO in the Feb print issue of
Information Today was up to date at presstime (about Jan 20)-- and it
referred readers to the site for updated information.
Since then we have posted three NewsBreaks on developments in the
situation -- on Jan. 27, Feb 3, and the most recent on Feb 10

I am working on a NewsBreak at the moment to let readers know the most
recent developments - it should be posted on 2-24.
If anyone has useful information to share, *please* send it my way.

Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief, Information Today, Inc.
Editor, NewsBreaks,

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From: Kim Maxwell <kmaxwell@MIT.EDU>
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Where in this article do you see a projection of 15%?  I don't see it

In terms of the "who's going to buy Faxon" situation, I do think this
article is now somewhat dated.  It mentions the "planned sessions" to
discuss the situation at the MidWinter meeting in late January, and has
up to date information on EBSCO's plans to buy Faxon (and the fact that
SwetsBlackwell pulled out of those negotiations weeks ago).  If you're
looking for more up to date information, see  This has nothing to do
with price projections, but does have the most recent information I've
seen on EBSCO buying Faxon.  I haven't seen anything yet on price
for 2004.

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  >This topic was discussed on another list this week. The projections
  >to be saying 15% increase due to the Faxon fallout.
  >Here's a link to some info:
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  >          Hello!
  >          I know it is early in the year, but I have been asked about
  >          projections for serials for 2004.
  >          Has anyone heard any figures? Will the RoweCom situation
  >          inflation factors? Advice? Opinions?
  >          Thanks,
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