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Are you talking about the Ebscohost databases or the Ebscohost EJS?

We have the Ebscohost databases and A to Z as well as many other full text
databases.  I had to do a lot of customization of A to Z to make it
correct for our databases.  But now it points to what we have in full

Anne Frohlich

At  9/1/2003 +0000, Rosemary Weeks wrote:
>We subscribe to EBSCOhost and more recently to the A-Z list but
>we seem not to have found a way of making them work for us. Is
>there anyone out there who could share info on how it works for
>Someone from Ebsco is coming to show us how the a-z list works-
>what sort of questions should I be asking.
>Thank you for your help.
>Senior Serials Librarian
>Middlesex University
>ILRS Bibliographical Services
>Bounds Green Road
>London N11 2NQ
>Fax 020 8411 6923
>Tel 020 8411 5256

Anne Frohlich, Serials Librarian
McNeese State University Library
Box 91445
Lake Charles, LA 70609
Phone: 337-475-5741
Fax:     337-475-5719

Can you be more specific about how it doesn't work for you? Which one or
both? We have EbscoHost and that works fine, but we use Serials Solutions
and that works great with EbscoHost. Is it just the A-Z list that isn't


Allison P. Mays
Acquisitions Librarian
Millsaps College
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