Medieval Philosophy and Theology Susan Soule 25 Sep 2003 17:52 UTC

Posted on behalf of Ed Barnas, Journals Manager - North American Branch,
Cambridge University Press

The publication of Volume 10 of Medieval Philosophy and Theology, originally
scheduled for 2001, was delayed until early 2003 by copy flow problems.  The
result is that publication of Volume 11, originally scheduled for 2002, has
also been delayed.

We now have sufficient accepted papers in hand at the Press to publish the
Volume 11, No. 1 issue of Medieval Philosophy and Theology by the end of
2003.  We also have part of the copy for the Vol. 11, No. 2 issue. Given the
delays in publication, we are in the process of reviewing the future of this

We apologize to our subscribers for any inconvenience these delays in
publication may have caused.

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