New Moderator Joins SERIALST Editorial Group Birdie MacLennan 26 Sep 2003 20:19 UTC

Dear SERIALST Subscribers:

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Bob Persing, Head of Serials at
the Van Pelt -Dietrich Library Ctr, University of Pennsylvania, as a new
Associate Moderator in the SERIALST editorial group. Some of you may
already know Bob from his work with NASIG, where he's been active in many
areas -- currently serving as a member of the Executive Board.  Bob also
has experience as a former listowner for the NASIG lists.  He's since
moved on, but we are delighted to work with someone who has already
juggled list management responsibilities with a full time job ;-) Bob has
been working with us in a "behind-the-scenes" capacity for the past couple
of weeks to observe and monitor the the flow of mail, and to familiarize
himself with what we do and with some of the tools that we use for
managing mail and subscriptions.

Bob joins the editorial group of Marcia Tuttle (Chapel Hill, North
Carolina), Ann Ercelawn (Vanderbilt University), Stephen Clark (College of
William & Mary) and myself, Birdie MacLennan (University of Vermont), who,
along with John Ryder, LISTSERV manager and technical wizard at the
University of Vermont (UVM), offer SERIALST to the Internet community.

Bob's official debut as moderator will begin on Monday, Sept. 29, from
which point you may expect to see his name appearing more frequently in
SERIALST mail.  We feel extremely fortunate to have him on board.  Please
join us in welcoming Bob Persing to the SERIALST editorial group.

On behalf of the moderators,

        Birdie MacLennan
        University of Vermont

    Marcia Tuttle                      Ann Ercelawn
    Associate Moderator                Associate Moderator
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina        Vanderbilt University     

    Stephen Clark                      Bob Persing
    Associate Moderator                Associate Moderator
    College of William & Mary          University of Pennsylvania