Current Publisher Tracking responses Dalene Hawthorne 04 Sep 2003 18:51 UTC


Here is the summary of responses I received to my earlier query.  The
original query follows the responses.

I received 6 responses.

Two respondants enter current publisher information in the checkin record:

"I'm the lone person here that closely sees every journal that we receive.
We are part of a shared database (Ohiolink), so I'm not free to edit the bib
as I'd like. I put the publisher information in our checkin record. It can
now accept MARC fields so I key an Internal Note 260, then enter the
publisher. If the publisher changes, I enter a second 260 with the new
publisher and the year and make the first one 261. This makes it very
Carol S. Feustel,

"After we migrated to Horizon, our IT staff created a field for us (in the
serials control version of the copy record), and IT created a program to
convert our 905 fields into codes for that field.

We currently maintain this information mostly by happenstance, in that we
either get communications from the publishers about their acquisition of new
journals or selling off old journals, or we have occasional projects that
cause us to look up the publishers titles to verify our accuracy (these days
its relatively simple to get this information from publisher websites"
Janet Arcand,

One respondant hand notates their vendor invoice with current publisher or
source information for e-resources.

One respondant maintains an Access database for e-resources and includes
current publisher information in that database.

One respondant commented on the sorry state of affairs.

One respondant relies on vendors for that information since most of their
subscriptions are placed through vendors.  Most vendors can supply this data
in spreadsheets or in print.  The remaining subscriptions are handled
directly or as packages and data on those publishers can be obtained from
the library's ILS.

We want to know current publisher because it helps us with problem
solving, collection review (aka cancellation) and management of electronic
versions. While MARC21 does provide for repeating the 260 to track current
publisher, OCLC and RLIN have not made the field repeatable and as a
result AARC2 and CONSER have not been updated to address the matter.

What are you doing in this area?

Do you track current publisher information?
If so, how in-house research or by getting data from vendors?

If you have this data, where do you put it?
*in your ILS
+bib record
+serial control record
+order record
*some other database

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