OpenURL and Metasearch Evangeline King 09 Sep 2003 18:00 UTC

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Evangeline King
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The Next Generation of Access: OpenURL and Metasearch

Day 1, October 29, is devoted to Open URL: Demystifying Link
Resolution. Directed to librarians, publishers and vendors, this
workshop will help attendees understand how the Open URL standard and
other linking initiatives support a rich linking environment that
enhances the value and usability of information products. The
workshop will explain link resolvers and knowledge databases, and the
respective roles of content providers, librarians, and vendors in
implementing the current standard. An update from NISO members on new
standards and guidelines will help attendees plan for future
enhancements and suggest how they can encourage and participate in
new developments.

Day 2, October 30, will address Metasearch: What It Is Now, What It
Could Be, and How Standards Can Help Us Get There. Whether you are an
expert or a novice, this workshop will give you a deeper
understanding of the metasearch services now on the market and
provide an overview of pending developments. ILS vendors, online
service providers and metasearch producers as well as librarians will
present their views. The metasearch implementation process and impact
on the library and its users will be discussed. NISO members who are
involved in new metasearch standards initiatives will describe how
their efforts to produce guidelines, identify best practices, and
develop new standards will help address current concerns.

The meetings will be held at the American Geophysical Union (AGU)
located at 2000 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC (4 blocks from
Dupont Circle).

Additional information including detailed agendas is at:

On both days, sponsors will exhibit and provide information about
their services.  If you would like to be a Workshop exhibitor,
sponsor or speaker contact October Ivins at 781-793-9283, email:

The one day registration fee is $199 for NISO members ($259 for
nonmembers); two day registration fee is $359 for members ($499 for
nonmembers).  An Early Bird registration discount of $20 is available
if you register by September 30, 2003.

The registration form is on the website at:
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