Administrative Radiology Journal Sarah Tusa 10 Sep 2003 16:12 UTC

Does anyone have a definitive status on Administrative Radiology Journal
(used to be just "Administrative Radiology.")  The EBSCO renewal list
cites "EBSCO will order when current,"  but when I looked at the title
listing in EBSCONet, there was a note indicating "unable to contact

I then searched the title in Ulrichsweb, and tried the telephone number
that was listed for this title's publisher: 818-500-1872.  Result: Number
disconnected, no longer in service.

LCMarc still lists this title with an open entry, but it seems to have
"bit[ten] the dust."

If anyone has evidence one way or another regarding the status of this
title, please contact me directly (do NOT use "reply"):

If there is expressed interest, I will summarize/report back to the list.

Sarah Tusa
Interim Coordinator of Acquisitions (and still chief serials dudette)
Lamar University
Beaumont, TX