Re: new microform reader printers? Steve Black 11 Sep 2003 13:44 UTC

Regarding Ron Hardy's original question, we have been pleased with the
usability and reliability of our Minolta digital microform machines.  The
prints are clearer than with the old machines, and since the printer is
separate from the reader, the machines really have little that can go
wrong with them (compared to the old reader/printers).  We've cut *way*
back on the number of service calls, partly because of reduced use, but
also because the machines have been pretty trouble-free.

A caveat: our newest Minolta machine has a "new improved" carrier that's
NOT an improvement on the previous models.  I prefered rotating the image
with a simple knob and rewinding with one dial.  The fully automated
carrier rotates jerkily, and the push buttons are no improvement over a
single dial for winding, IMHO.  Try to get the combo film/fiche carrier
with the simpler controls, if available.

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