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As soon as I zipped off my initial reply to the list I realized I had
left off some important details.  We also subscribe to the current
(ascii text only) ProQuest NY Times which runs from 1999 - Present.
This somewhat duplicates our LexisNexis NY Times access, which runs from
1981 - Present and also is ascii text only.

I hope this clears up any question about how we provide access to more
recent NY Times issues online.



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Subject: How do you keep the New York Times (2 messages)

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Thread-Topic: How do you keep the New York Times?
From: "Oberg, Steve" <STOBERG@TAYLORU.EDU>


We only retain the most recent three months of the print.  We decided to
subscribe to ProQuest's Historical Newspapers NY Times, which provides
access to full text plus images (PDF) for the entire backfile from its
inception in 1851 through 2001.  This replaces our expensive microfilm
subscription -- yes, we've cancelled that
-- and it replaces our subscription to the print index (yes, we
cancelled that, too).  Useage has jumped as a result.


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We've just received our microform renewal and are considering our
options. The New York Times is the only title we continue to keep on
microfilm and the price is enough to pay for a new database
subscription. We currently subscribe to Lexis/Nexis (full text of the
NYT from 1980- present excluding some freelance stuff that is copyright
protected), but our commuters can't access it from off campus -- just as
they can't access the microfilm from off campus!

How do you provide access to the back issues of  the NYT?

Thank you,

Diane Arnold
Logue Library
Chestnut Hill College
Philadelphia, PA


Subject: RE: How do you keep the New York Times?
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 11:37:02 -0400
From: "Dani Lichtenberg" <>

We also have NY Times on microfilm, which we will continue to receive.
However, we've just subscribed to an interesting new
database: ProQuest's NY Times Historical, which provides fully keyword
searchable pdf images of every page and every article from the NY Times
from 1851-1999 (they say 1999, but I think it is even more recent than
that).  So this includes classifieds, ads, etc. They say it is
everything, cover-to-cover.  We have remote access to the database as
well.  You may want to look into that.

Dani Lichtenberg
Main Library Reference Manager
Palm Beach County Library System