Re: non-marc holdings vs. MFHD Edith Gewertz 17 Sep 2003 20:45 UTC

Could you please summarize your responses to the list?  Thanks,

Edith Gewertz
Head, Serials and Electronic Resources Cataloging
The Research Libraries
The New York Public Library
5th Ave. & 42 Street
New York, NY 10018

Rebecca Bernal <bbernal@MESASTATE.EDU> wrote:
If any libraries have switched from listing your holdings as a textual
(non-MARC) to the MARC holdings format, have you seen any advantages or
disadvantages?  Any tips, or tricks you could share with us?  We are a III
library currently using the 866 field (Lib Has) in the check-in record.
Thanks in advance for your help-
Becky Bernal
Mesa State College
Tomlinson Library
1200 College Place
Grand Junction, CO 81501