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Natural history is not a *true* monthly so issue number does not equal
*month*.  The publication information states "...published monthly except
for combined issues in July/August and December/January."  v. 111 (2002)
consisted of 10 issues.  The July/Aug. issue was no. 6 and the Dec./Jan.
issue was  no. 10.  2003 appears to be following the same publication
schedule.  The Oct. issue was misprinted as no. 9 and should be no. 8.
Let's hope the publisher corrects the numbering so that the Nov. issue is
correctly numbered "9". The past year of numbered issues should be:

v. 112, no. 8 (2003 Oct.) (misprinted as no. 9)
v. 112, no. 7 (2003 Sept.)
v. 112, no. 6 (2003 July/Aug.)
v. 112, no. 5 (2003 June)
v. 112, no. 4 (2003 May)
v. 112, no. 3 (2003 Apr.)
v. 112, no. 2 (2003 Mar.)
v. 112, no. 1 (2003 Feb.)
v. 111, no. 10 (2002 Dec./2003Jan.)
v. 111, no. 9 (2002 Nov.)

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Message #1:

You mean that 09/03 is 112:7, right? Yes, I noticed that too, but haven't
had a chance to call and ask about it.

Diane Arnold
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Message #2:

Ours has the same typos on the contents pages of both issues.  However,
the number of the month  (which serves as the issue number, since this is a
monthly periodical with volumes corresponding to calendar years) is given
correctly on the cover, in both cases, I would simply ignore the
(You might want to write or E-mail the staff of Natural History to make
them aware of the mistake, if they aren't already alerted to it.)

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Bill Osment wrote:

> Hello All,
> I noticed that our 10/03 issue of Natural History is listed as 112:9 and
> previous 09/03 is listed as 113:7.  Anyone else's copies have the same
> discrepancy?
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