Re: newspaper display alternatives Amy Wise 01 Oct 2003 12:28 UTC

Our library had a stand built - in the past, we had used the sticks, but
that can be time-consuming.
The shelf is made of wood and plexiglass. It is approximately 5' high and
12' wide.
The 3 shelves are approximately 2 inch wide (wide enough for the widest
newspapers). Then plexiglass is mounted across the front with a height of
about 8 " (high enough for the newspaper to be slid behind so that it
doesn't fold over).  We have enjoyed this type shelving very much.

At 02:04 PM 9/30/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>At the Main Library of the Palm Beach County Library System, we =
>subscribe to about 50 newspapers which we store on flat shelving for use =
>by our patrons.  We keep about a week's worth of the dailies (more of =
>the weeklies) out in the public area.  Yes, they require a bit of =
>straightening and rearranging each morning, but the person who puts out =
>the morning papers does this as her normal routine.  We can fit 2-3 =
>newspaper titles side-by-side per shelf, depending on the size, so we =
>have twenty shelves for newspapers.  The titles are arranged in =
>alphabetical order and the shelves are labeled.  We have a diverse =
>population of business people, retirees, homeless, and students, and the =
>arrangement seems to work well for us. =20
>Dani Lichtenberg
>Main Library Reference Manager
>Palm Beach County Library System
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>         We are a state college with 10,000 students , primarily
> undergraduates. =
>         display the latest issue of our newspaper on those newspaper
> sticks. =
>         are not a favorite with either our patrons or our staff. We are =
>         alternatives. What are other libraries using to display your =
>newspapers? I
>         will summarize for the list if there is an interest. Janet Essency
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