Re: Brain research. Molecular brain research Konstantin Gurevich 16 Oct 2003 12:52 UTC

We struggled with this very title last year and ended up keeping Brain research in the 130 for collocation purposes but dropping it from the 245. See it in our catalog:

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>>> paula.coulthard@UNI.EDU 10/15/03 02:20PM >>>

We are in the process of getting our online holdings for ScienceDirect in
our local catalog.  We do not have the print counter-part for many of these

We are currently working on the title: Molecular brain research
The record we find on OCLC is *39061866, with the following:
130 0  Brain research. ßp Molecular brain research (Online)
245 00 Brain research. ßp Molecular brain research ßh [electronic resource].

I understand the the original publication, Brain research, split into
several parts back in the 1980s.  However, I cannot find any evidence from
the online record that Brain research should continue to be a part of the
title.  It does not appear on the virtual cover, it is not included in any
online reference to the title, it is simply called: Molecular brain
research.  For those of you having access to ScienceDirect, the URL is:

If anyone still gets this in paper, I would like to have some verification
that Brain research should still be considered part of the title.  But if
the online version does not reflect this, should the online version continue
to use that title?  or simply be cataloged as Molecular brain research?

Thanks for any help!!

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