Re: Brain research. Molecular brain research John Lucas 16 Oct 2003 13:15 UTC

FWIW (For what it's worth)

According to current cataloging practices, this very well could be
correct.  However, do a  Medline /  PubMed Search and you find the
journal cites as

>  Cortical changes in cholecystokinin mRNA are related to spontaneous
pain behaviors following excitotoxic spinal cord injury in the rat.
Brain Res Mol Brain Res. 2003 Oct 21;118(1-2):171-4.
PMID: 14559369 [PubMed - in process]  <

(Brain Research. Molecular Brain Research)

The NLM Catalog # 8908640 follows this route.   As our primary users
utilize Medilne / PubMed, we continue to follow this practice so the
citations will more closely match how we bind and shelve this important
group of publications.

This is only our institutional practice and not meant to influence any
other individual or institution.

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