European Journal of Cancer Supplements Marcia Tuttle 23 Oct 2003 15:21 UTC

Supplements for 2002 are on the Science Direct site - PDF.  So perhaps 2003
Supplements will show up later.  Hope someone out there knows more.  My
library dropped print for electronic subscription -- so we are counting on
it being complete.


At 03:06 PM 10/22/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello All:
>We just received our October 2003 issue of European journal of Cancer v.
>39(15).   Along with it came Supplements dated September 2003 with
>enumeration of Vol. 1, and we received issues 2,3,4.
>The issn is different from the parent journal.  Suppl. issn=1359-6349.
>There is no OCLC Record and no NLM record in the National Library of
>Medicine Catalog.   (GOING TO ALERT STATUS)
>I also checked the Elsevier (Pergamon) Journal home page where the
>supplements were not listed.
>  I also looked on their separate listing of "Journal Special Issues &
> Supplements"
>The latest item there is Volume 37 issue 10.   The 8 supplements for
>volume 38, 2002 were not there.
>Question:  Has anyone received the Supplement Vol. 1, issue 1 (2003) ? ?
>If so, is there a date on it and any information about what it is will
>help us all with our claims.  Please respond to the entire list.
>We all "depend on the kindness of strangers"
>(anyone know where that phrase came from) ? ? ?
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Re John Lucas' question (in the post concerning European Journal of
Cancer Supplements):

We all "depend on the kindness of strangers"

(anyone know where that phrase came from) ? ? ?

I believe it is Blanche Dubois' final line from 'A streetcar named Desire' by
Tennessee Williams. (That's how I remember the screenplay from the 1951 movie
version, anyway.)



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