Re: European Journal of Cancer Supplements Feustel, Carol (feustecs) 24 Oct 2003 21:13 UTC

I received Supplements v.1#1-4 with v.39#15.  They are all dated Sept 2003.
I also found an OCLC Record today, #53276196


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From:   John Lucas [mailto:jlucas@ROWLAND.UMSMED.EDU]
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Subject:        European Journal of Cancer Supplements

Hello All:

We just received our October 2003 issue of European journal of Cancer v.
39(15).   Along with it came Supplements dated September 2003 with
enumeration of Vol. 1, and we received issues 2,3,4.

The issn is different from the parent journal.  Suppl. issn=1359-6349. There
is no OCLC Record and no NLM record in the National Library of Medicine

I also checked the Elsevier (Pergamon) Journal home page where the
supplements were not listed.

 I also looked on their separate listing of "Journal Special Issues &
The latest item there is Volume 37 issue 10.   The 8 supplements for volume
38, 2002 were not there.

Question:  Has anyone received the Supplement Vol. 1, issue 1 (2003) ? ?
If so, is there a date on it and any information about what it is will help
us all with our claims.  Please respond to the entire list.

We all "depend on the kindness of strangers"

(anyone know where that phrase came from) ? ? ?


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