Hypatia Lynne Stevens 28 Oct 2003 15:43 UTC

This title has changed its publication pattern for the current year, and again for next year and continuing:

v.18 (2003): no.1 (Winter 2003), no.2 (Spring 2003), no.3 (Fall 2003), no.4 (Winter 2003).
v.19 (2004): no.1 (Spring 2004), no.2 (Summer 2004), no.3 (Fall 2004), no.4 (Winter 2004).

Note that there is no Summer 2003 issue, and that there are two issues with the chronological designation of Winter 2003.  The good news is that by giving each Winter issue the earlier year, each Spring-through-Winter volume will have the same year on all issues.

Thanks to Hilde Nelson at Hypatia for so promptly clarifying this.

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