Re: Former Titles Radcliff, Joyce 07 Oct 2003 15:23 UTC

Dear Colleagues,

Those of you who keep print serials lists, do you indicate the former title(s) that have title changes or do you just list all titles seperately without any reference of previous titles?  Also, let indicate why/why not.


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Subject: print serials lists

	I continue to be amazed at how many libraries maintain
	print lists of their serials.  I was the serials librarian at
	Va. Commonwelath Univ. for 10 years (late 80s to late
	90s), and we managed to jettison it at least 14 years ago,
	as soon as we got our holdings in the catalog.

	I wonder if those same libraries maintain print lists of their
	monograph holdings.  Or their microforms.  Or their realia.
	Or [fill in the blank].  We used the opportunity to educate
	the public in using the online catalog effectively.  I always
	think that to do otherwise does a great disservice to the
	library's users and really underestimates their ability to
	learn to use the catalog.

	Steve Murden