Re: print serials lists Dan Lester 08 Oct 2003 14:55 UTC

Tuesday, October 7, 2003, 7:05:09 AM, you wrote:

DML> One wonders what libraries with patrons who refuse to use the online
DML> catalog because of its complexity and lack of user-friendliness do?

Well, you haven't kept the card catalog for those patrons, have you?
And do you really think the online is more complex than the card
catalog?  It IS different, and each has/had some advantages, but very
few libraries have kept a card catalog after going online.

DML>  What
DML> about cases where patrons may be not be able physically to use the computer
DML> (RSI?) or simply not computer literate?

Well, all students and faculty have to be computer literate, and I'd
think that all USGS employees would too.  Not so?  The physical
limitations have to be dealt with in design of a catalog or other
online service, just as they do in door access, restrooms, and so
forth. And for those who don't have the ability to manipulate a
keyboard due to physical limitations, we do it for them.  Most of
those people also can't manipulate printed tools, so we take their
books from the bags on the back of the wheelchair, set them up on a
table for them to read, and so forth.  All of that is required by law,
but of course we'd do it anyway, since we're good, helpful people.

DML> I fail to understand why we cannot
DML> embrace all of our users and try to provide what they need...Whoops, I
DML> forgot--we don't have the money for this--"it's not in the budget..."

Yea, if we had unlimited funds we might keep a card catalog or printed
journals list, but we don't.  More realistically, we'd not do that if
we had more money, we'd add staff and materials to improve our service
in that way.


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