Re: printed serials list Paula Gresen 09 Oct 2003 12:58 UTC

   At our library we've cut down on the cost of keeping a printed serials
list in a way that I thought I'd share with the list. Maybe this would work
for you too. This is for the portion of our collection that we own in print.
It's organized by title alphabetically so we've broken down our list into
individual letters, with each letter having its own file. Also, the copies
of the list are in 3 ring binders with the pages in 3 ring binder plastic
sheet protectors (so we don't have to three hole punch each sheet).
   For instance, if I was making a change for Time, only "T" needs to be
printed out, rather than the entire list. That way you're not wasting paper,
toner, etc. printing out pages that don't have any changes. It only takes me
about 20 seconds to make the change, and only a couple of minutes to take
out the old sheets and insert the new. It's a lot cheaper and quicker than
the whole list, so it can also be done more often so everything is more
up-to-date. I think this printed list is much clearer, quicker and much less
confusing than the OPAC when it comes to title changes, etc. It's invaluable
when I need to do certain projects in the stacks such as shifting. It's
proved a valuable convenience for patrons and staff alike with very little
money or time spend maintaining it.

Paula Gresen
Bindery Supervisor
Neil Hellman Library
The College of Saint Rose
(518) 458-5410