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Thanks, Bill!

I'd like to add that the Access database project started as a means to centralize serial operations that we were not recording in our library information system (DRA).  Access just made it much easier to record things like weeding history, electronic holdings, vendor information, etc. Some of the things we could do in DRA (but it took longer to set up and enter) and some we couldn't.  Also, the reporting capabilities were much more flexible in Access than they were in DRA.  The downside is that there was some duplication in record keeping between DRA and Access, but I (and Bill) thought it well worth the effort.

PS - we also began an inventory of our collection so the Access database was one way to record that process.  We simply began other fields as needed (another advantage over DRA).

Buddy Pennington
Serials Acquisitions Librarian
Miller Nichols Library
University of Missouri - Kansas City
800 E. 51st Street
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Sorry to be so slow in responding but I maintain an ACCESS DB created by my
predecessor, (Buddy Pennington, who is a member of this listserv) that lists
our serials and newspapers.  It also contains titles that have been sent to
us but do not subscribe too.  It is very detailed oriented and covers all
departments as well as our branch libraries.  Vendor info, holdings, status
changes, etc etc.  At times it can be time consuming to update it.  You can
generate a report that will list all the titles and the summary holdings,
etc and print it out for desk reference.  Buddy did an excellent job in
creating it.

Bill Osment
Periodicals Librarian
Kansas City Public Library.

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Subject: Periodical Holdings List

I am interested in finding out if other libraries are still maintaining a
print list of titles and holdings for their periodicals collection, which is
used at the reference desk and other service points in the library.  If so,
how often do you update it?

Also, is there an electronic version of your list?  In Access? etc.

Thanks in advance for letting our library know what others are doing!

Peter Washkevich
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Daytona Beach, FL