Journal of cost management - title change or not? Shana L. McDanold 13 Oct 2003 15:48 UTC

We received a notification from Ebsco that this title has changed from
Journal of cost management to Cost management as of v.17:no.4 (July/Aug
2003).  In the course of investigating this (I always double check
vendor's notifications), a few questions have come up.

1. Is this really a title change or is this a minor change (under 21.2A2
category i)?  I think I understand that the addition or deletion of the
term "journal" is now a minor change even when it occurs within the
first 5 words of the title.  If I'm wrong, someone please let me know.

2. According to the OCLC record for the Journal of cost management
(OCLC# 25500412, DLC sn92-24143), which is open and a CONSER record, the
ISSN that is currently on the journal is listed under subfield y
(incorrect).  Why is this?  We only have v.16 onward of this title but
all of our issues have the so-called "incorrect" ISSN on them.  I'm not
familiar as to what makes an ISSN correct or incorrect, could someone
please explain this to me?

3. Also in the OCLC record, a 246 was added for the "Cost management"
title but the subfield i only specifies the title difference for the one
issue.  The issue for Sept/Oct 2003 also has the title Cost management.

4. Someone has input a record for the title Cost management (OCLC#
52840462).  It is not a CONSER record.

So, if this is not a title change, can someone please edit the 246 to
reflect that the title difference is for the v.17:no.4 (July/Aug. 2003)
issues on and not just the one issue?  And should the record for Cost
management be reported for deletion?

Thanks for your help,

Shana L. McDanold
Serials (and Non-Print Formats) Cataloger
Pius XII Memorial Library
Saint Louis University
Phone: (314) 977-3098