Journal of personality and social psychology Susan Andrews 14 Oct 2003 16:17 UTC

I considered how best to approach this, and, since this problem came up
through an ILL request (which means it is probably a problem for several
other libraries too), I decided that the best way was to cast a wide net.

Does anyone actually have pages 521-552 of: Journal of personality and
social psychology, v.50, no.3, March 1986?  We have pages 553-584 repeated
twice in our copy of this issue and no sign of pages 521-552.

If you actually have these pages, would you be willing to send us a copy
(if you like, I can have our ILL people do an official interlibrary loan
request, I just need to know that you actually have the pages)?

Thanks for looking and letting me know,

Susan Andrews

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