Re: Did Dun & Bradstreet goof on the cover of Industry Norms & Key Business Ratios? vtaffurelli 24 Nov 2003 17:26 UTC


Yes, D&B goofed.  Last year's edition (2001/2002) was misprinted as
2002/2003 per Marie Rowe at D&B.  She informed me last year that a
corrected label would be mailed out to all subscribers, but I guess that
didn't happen.  We are still waiting for the 2002/2003 edition.

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We just received the most recent edition of this with 2003 as the
copyright.  The cover, however, says 2002/2003.  Our previous edition with
2002 as the copyright also has 2002/2003 on the cover.  The inside
information is different in each edition.  Did D&B goof?  Just checking...


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