LAST CALL for NASIG proposals Eleanor Cook 09 Nov 2003 22:10 UTC

NASIG '04 Conference - Last Call for Program Ideas

In late October, the NASIG Executive Board met for their Fall meeting in

Milwaukee.  There are two things we can tell you about this meeting.

1. If you get a room in the Historic Milwaukee Hilton on the east side
of the upper floors, and if you get up early enough, you can watch the
sun rise over Lake Michigan.  This is the literally true Great Vision
on a Great Lake!

2. If you come to NASIG '04, you will enjoy a program that is the
figuratively true Great Vision on a Great Lake!

During this meeting, the PPC co-chairs discussed a draft of the
upcoming conference program, and there is a great deal of excitement
about what we're planning.  But there are gaps too.  This last call for
proposals is being sent in the hopes that we can fill in these gaps.
got some great ideas; we've built many of these into programs.  Now, in
few cases, we're looking for speakers.  Can you speak to an issue your
colleagues have said they want to hear about?  Do you know someone
doing something interesting that might fill a need?

Here are some of the things we're looking for:

--A discussion of the cost of going electronic in libraries,
publishing, and service organizations
--Dealing with licensing breaches --Using all those usage statistics
--Innovative or successful ways of educating users about cancellations

BUT don't limit yourself to these topics.  If you've got a great idea
or a great vision, come to the conference on the Great Lake and share

Closing date for this final call is November 15, 2004.  Details are
available at:

Marilyn Geller ( and
Emily McElroy (