Semeia Record Being Resolved (was [SERIALST] Semeia Closed Record) Christine W. Blackman 11 Nov 2003 18:09 UTC


Below is a copy of the last message that I sent to a CONSER member
cataloger who already agreed to edit the OCLC record. He has edited the
closing date but was going to look into the rest of the changes.

--I didn't mention it in the original message as I was uncertain about
how to handle it. I received a report from Ebsco that said the title
SEMEIA had "merged" into SEMEIA STUDIES Series. To my mind this isn't a
true merger (i.e.. merged with ... to form ...) as SEMEIA STUDIES has
apparently been in existence since at least 1982 (see ARN 29120, LC
Authority n  42031129). Locally, I made a 580 note "Absorbed by: Semeia
Studies" but did not insert a 785 as there is no serial record for the
series (ARN 29120 shows that LC practices full analysis of the series).
I don't know if you want to go ahead and make these changes in the OCLC
record on my word alone, but if so you can have a look at my local
updates at:,1,2,E/marc&FF=ssemeia&1,,2,,

Note that my local record shows the imprint and sponsorship change with
approximate dates "

500    Published: Atlanta, GA : Society of Biblical Literature,
550 0  Vols. for 1974-<1998> sponsored by the Society of Biblical

I could only guess at the timing for the change as we have a practice of
only binding in the cover of the first issue of each year; of course,
our 1998 and 1999 issues are already bound. I have the first cover of
1998 which shows Scholars Press as the published (Society of Biblical
Literature as the sponsor) and the first cover of 1999 which shows
Society of Biblical Literature as the publisher.

My only other addition to the record is a 515 "None published 2000."--



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>According to our vendor, Semeia is delayed. There was no message saying
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>According to the publisher, "the journal is now part of the Semeia Studies
>book series."
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