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Re: Binding Mark Ferguson 17 Nov 2003 14:40 UTC

You might try looking into ECO (Electronic Collections Online) an OCLC
product which allows you to subscribe to individual titles and guarrentees
archival access to all volumes you have subscribed to even if the publisher
pulls the journal off of ECO in the future.
ECO's service charge is $12 per title, about the cost for binding so it
doesn't save you any money but it does allow you to shift the cost from
Binding to databases where more funding could be available.

Good luck

Mark Ferguson

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We recently experienced a 75% cut in our binding budget.  What creative
solutions have others implemented when faced with this problem?  If you
stopped binding journals to which you have electronic access, how did
you handle the storage of the single issues? Did you barcode and link
each issue?  Has anyone used shrinkwrap as an alternative?

Thanks for you help.

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